The last time I posted on this blog was August. At the time, I didn’t have a full-time job, and certainly didn’t know what or even where I would be teaching this year. I have a lot of reflections catch up on. I’ve been teaching Psychology and Spanish and having a great time. Now I have the perfect excuse to read books on spring break like “The World in Six Songs” by Dan Levitin (to prepare for teaching about evolutionary psych).

I’ve also had the pleasure of hosting the “Philosophy Cafe” at my school, which is a hit with students. Topics covered this year so far:  Hobbes’ view of politics, is there a moral difference between animals and humans? Do we have free will? and an introduction to Plato’s Apology.  I decided to start a philosophy club at lunch because of the interest, and we’ve been watching Michael Sandel’s Justice lectures from Harvard, with a steady crowd of about 10.

I’m also currently reading Simon Schama’s  chronicle of the French Revolution:  Citizens – which is really quite good, but unfortunately 900 pages long.