The naturalistic fallacy of Pinker and Haidt’s ethics

Does an ethics based in evolutionary psychology rest on a naturalistic fallacy? Thomas de Zengotita makes the case in an article entitled "Ethics and the Limits of Evolutionary Psychology"  (Spring 2013, Hedgehog Review) In After Virtue, Alasdair MacIntyre offers a hilarious portrayal of philosopher G. E. Moore at Bloomsbury convincing his enraptured audience (it was …

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Postman’s “thermostatic” view of education

The attempt to put together coherent thoughts while sleep deprived with babe in arms continues. While reading Neil Postman's 1969 book Teaching as a Subversive Activitiy, I could not help but notice how different in substance it was from his later work - especially Building a Bridge to the 18th Century, and The End of …

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Dan Levitin – music and human evolution

The musician/neuroscientist Dan Levitin is well known for his book This is Your Brain on Music. In AP Psych I currently have my students reading a chapter in Dan Levitin's book - The World in Six Songs. I chose the chapter on love songs, of course, which will probably be most memorable. The topic makes for great …

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