Philosophy can be great fun with young adults, but also really difficult. They say it takes real mastery to distill and explain complicated concepts in a clear engaging way.

I’m confident that I’m on the un-mastery side of things, with the hope that I am still clear – in expounding distilled understandings that lack complication (i.e. sophistication).

It would be great to give another Manitoba Social Studies presentation – this time not on using primary sources in Canadian history (post about it here), but on my experience organizing Philosophy Cafe, and watching and discussing M. Sandel’s Justice lectures in my Philosophy Club. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have such keen and bright students, and wonder like most teachers whether there will ever be a group like this again. There won’t. But I’d like to imagine others.

I’d like to get in touch with other teachers in Manitoba who are interested in hosting a philosophy cafe, teaching philosophy, or having a philosophy club.

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