The Tao of C.S. Lewis

Why do students today have a tougher time building interior lives? Are they shallow relativists? What keeps them from deep and lasting attachments? While these questions seem to pertain strongly to our current decade, you'd be hard pressed not to find prophets of cultural decline in each decade going back to the 60s. Because of …

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Write a Sonnet, per chance?

Given enough time, can monkeys typing randomly come up the works of Shakespeare?…or even just 1 play?….  or just 1 sonnet? The "infinite monkey theorem" has a long pedigree in the history of ideas - starting with Aristotle, and showing up in Jonathan Swift, Bacon, Huxley, Jorge Luis Borges, and Dawkins. There was even a …

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Using Debate to Introduce the Political Spectrum

Students in Gr. 9 often see issues in black and white, so what better way to introduce the ambiguities and complexities of everyday moral dilemmas by covering the political spectrum through debates on controversial topics? Debate forces students to take a side (even when they don't agree with it) and focuses on the reasons behind decisions rather …

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