Geography 101

In Gr. 9 Social Studies I've been experimenting with short bursts of geographic literacy in between units. Inspired by Rafe Esquith, who has his Gr 5 students learning all the countries of the world, I thought it would be easy to do the same. I applied a cooperative learning strategy called "quiz quiz" that I've …

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The Alarming State of Canada’s Democracy

Every Canadian should watch this reminder of what the Westminster Parliamentary system could be, and how Canada has slowly given over more and more power to the PMs office. Coyne is a great writer in the Progressive Conservative tradition - or what most closely resembles Edmund Burke's  Whig conservatism. He's a conservative reformer, who is …

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Technology is not an outcome

The above diagram represents the happy compromise made by avante-garde educationalists between the world of technocratic domination and pedagogy. Technology for its own sake? Never. Change the world through our use of technology and ingenuity. YES. I definitely agree that we as teachers have a duty to prepare our students for the challenges of the …

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