I finally logged in to my Sr. Wooly account, home to the famous “Puedo Ir al Bano” song found on Youtube. I highly recommend subscribing to his site. Every video he provides has resources and teaching tips. I also found some pretty cool games.

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but this weekend in Winnipeg we had -50C  windchill (stupid global warming wobbly jetstream thingy), and the Gr. 9s are restless at 2:30pm (I have a Far Side comic book cover in mind). I tried out a bunch of Sr. Wooly’s games:

Noventa y nueve card game:  to practice numbers, students must add cards in the discard pile, but not go over 99. They have to constantly add or subtract based on the cards they play.

Opiniones:  One person stands up and says “a mi me gusta…” a movie or something, and whoever agrees has to stand up. Sr. Wooly does this with “es mejor que…”

Tres Acciones: We had great fun with this on Friday afternoon. It’s basically a jazzed up version of simon says. You really have to see his instruction video to get it, but basically you point at someone in a circle and say “tienes miedo”. The middle person has to cower in fear, and the people beside them have to do a sound effect and action. They have a time limit, and you can mess them up by saying “tengo miedo”. I used this game with “tienes que…” vocab and it seemed to work fine.

Concentremonos: this was my favourite because it was so simple and fun. I didn’t explain the rules to the students, I only said they had to say the first day of the week – Lunes, and get to the end of the week. If they make a mistake, I rang the bell, and they had to start over. The key is that they’re not allowed to prompt eachother, and no two people can talk at the same time. The fun is that no one knows who is going to speak next and mess everyone up. This was surprisingly effective in practicing ordinal numbers, days of week, months – anything that has a progression. They were instantly engaged by not knowing what the rules were and trying to figure them out.