Upcoming posts

In three weeks we’ll be back in Winnipeg. Today the kids were playing “going to Winnipeg” by putting on all their winter clothes. After a month hiatus from writing, I have a couple things on my mind now that I should write about.

1) Finally a post related to education. It involves applying some teaching strategies from Doug Lemov’s Teach Like a Champion and reflecting on the highs and lows of middle school madness.

2) Peace talks in Colombia. The father of one of my classmates in Colombia (Russell Stendal) is involved in peace talks in Cuba between the Marxist guerrillas and the government. Because of his frequent visits to the FARC, he was arrested for “rebellion” and promptly set free (Feb. 20). His daughters, Lisa and Aletheia, made a film about their incredible mediation between FARC and Paramilitary forces.

3) And finally, I will be saying farewell to Armenia after a great but short five months, and gearing for Tbilisi, Georgia. A top 10 list of things I will miss about Armenia is in order, and maybe that promised interview with Armenian refugees from Aleppo, Syria.


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