Komitas is a genius

Michael Church, in The Guardian: "For Armenians, music is memory. And whenever they gather to honour their dead, the songs they sing are by the composer who speaks for the soul of their nation, Komitas Vardapet. He himself was a victim of the 1915 persecution, and though he survived physically, he was driven into madness …

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Genocide media

Please take the time this week to read or watch some of these accounts: 2010 German documentary "1915 Aghet" BBC documentary on the genocide: 2006 PBS documentary: 2005 PBS Minnesota Emmy Award winning documentary Online galleries of the Armenian Genocide museum. Interviews with eyewitnesses, and other stories at Armenipedia Resources for teachers  

Philosophy as Cognitive Therapy

Albert Ellis, the founder of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, was originally a Psychoanalyst but became disillusioned with its results. He turned to the teachings of an ancient Roman slave and philosopher - Epictetus. Epictetus was Greek, and followed the teachings of Socrates and Plato. The Stoic philosophy has a familiar ring because it uses basically the same method …

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