Andrew J Siebert

Teaching in the Caucasus – Ideas, Socratic Seminar, Debate, Life, Adventures


He is a creative and inspired teacher.

From 2014 Evaluation:

Mr. Siebert is a hard-working, committed and professional teacher. He is engaged in the life of the school through the Debate Club, Philosophy Club, and Coaching. His lessons are meticulously planned and executed. He is able to change the lesson plans if students require more depth in one area. He works well with colleagues and administration. Although he teaches some higher level AP courses, he plans his lessons to be interactive and experiential. He uses technology to enhance the learning experiences of his classes. He is a creative and inspired teacher.

From 2014 letter of reference:

I have no hesitation in giving Mr. Siebert the most positive of references. Mr. Siebert is a valued member of the teaching staff at Grant Park High School.

Practicum cooperating teacher:

Andrew went above and beyond the expectations of the curriculum, and spent countless hours preparing lessons with anecdotal stories and artifacts to immerse students in the content of the course, not just providing information at the superficial level. He also took into account the cultural backgrounds of students, as well as their interest in media to ensure that they were receiving content that was important, relevant, and fun for students to learn. Andrew formed successful relationships with students and staff alike, and really became part of what we consider to be our school family.

Practicum cooperating teacher:

 Andrew has a firm, yet polite and respectful manner  and the students respond favourably.






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