Why do we have children? – cont’d

It helps to have a couple friends who are PhDs in Philosophy. I really meant the last post to incite a good discussion, and knowing no one would go to the trouble of logging into WordPress to leave a message, I'm posting some of their comments anonymously here (in the spirit of Andrew Sullivan's blog): One …

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Pigliucci on Radical Empiricism

For years now the humanities and any non-STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields have been in retreat in colleges throughout the world, especially in the US. This retreat is the result of a number of factors, perhaps foremost among them the increasing importation of business-style models into academia and the resulting conviction that if …

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The History Boys (2006) – a film review

Every teacher has experienced their own Fathers and Sons moment, where the outdated grump resists change (the cranks seem to specialize in literature, history, or physics) and is challenged by the avante-garde and often shallow upstart. The History Boys is a witty and raucous parody of these stereotypes, written by playwright Allan Bennett and made …

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