the meme delusion

In our last Philosophy Cafe, we invited Dr. Arthur Schafer, head of the Centre for Applied Ethics at the University of Manitoba, to talk about whether there are moral absolutes. Schafer is a prominent commentator on ethical issues here in Canada, and  recently invited the cognitive/evolutionary psychologist Steven Pinker to lecture at Winnipeg's new Museum …

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The naturalistic fallacy of Pinker and Haidt’s ethics

Does an ethics based in evolutionary psychology rest on a naturalistic fallacy? Thomas de Zengotita makes the case in an article entitled "Ethics and the Limits of Evolutionary Psychology"  (Spring 2013, Hedgehog Review) In After Virtue, Alasdair MacIntyre offers a hilarious portrayal of philosopher G. E. Moore at Bloomsbury convincing his enraptured audience (it was …

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Teaching meta-cognitive skills in Psychology

One of the great advantages of teaching psychology is exploring its own identity crisis. Is it a science? A humanities? Who is a psychologist - humanists, behaviourists, evolutionary psychologists, neuroscientists? What method would we use to identify which kind of psychologist you want to be?  Are there limitations to what the scientific method can tell …

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