The Armenian Inshallah

On my reading list is award winning travel writer Philip Marsden:  I have cultivated in myself a sixth sense, an ‘Ararat’ sense: the sense of attraction to a mountain. Osip Mandelstam There’s only one people in the world who feel like they belong to a mountain: the Armenians. Arto Tunçboyajyan On our way to a …

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Anglicans in Yerevan

I accidentally said the filioque. It's an Anglican service, but out of respect for the generosity of using the Armenian Apostolic church of Zoravor, no one says it. We are in Zoravor Astvatsatsin Church downtown Yerevan, rebuilt in 1693 after an earthquake. Armenian worshippers continuously light candles in the narthex while the 20-odd Anglican worshippers …

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Xenophon in Armenia

The first look at a foreign politeia is clouded by abstractions and generalizations, some of which continue in their imaginative force until eventually they are accepted as true. In this respect, there is no difference between the account of a native and a foreigner. The stories we tell ourselves limit our horizon and become our homeland. At first blush, …

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